Meet the Team - Jon Porter (Jopo)

Hey folks! It’s time to introduce you to the next barista in the “Meet the Team” series here at Soul, Jon Porter. Eric, Gabe, Lynne, and I have been good friends with “Jopo” for a number of years. He was such a blessing to us from the very beginning of the shop. He helped us in so many ways, often coming by and wiping down tables, sweeping, and washing dishes just because he wanted to, even after being at his full time job all day. We were so happy to get to bring him officially on the team last summer. Still working his full time job and a devoted family man, Jopo is still blessing us with his hard work and fantastic drinks. He is also wonderful with our costumers and is always fun to talk to. Some of you might recognize his voice when you stop in…he was a DJ on 95 KSJ for five years. He still loves music of all kinds and seriously knows his movie trivia. Also, any USA Jags alumni and fans might know him, he was once “Southpaw”, the Jags’ mascot!

We asked Jopo to share some of his favorites here at Soul…

Favorite Menu Drink – So Good (salted caramel cold brew) He likes it extra sweet and called the Jo Good

Favorite Personal Creation – Almond Joy Frappe

What I enjoy about working at SC – “I love that it feels like family instead of a business. I enjoy the regular customers that get a smile on their face when you tell them their order before they even open their mouths.”

Thanks Jon! We think of you as family too!

Thank you Soul Caffeine community for stopping by to meet Jopo today! Stop by & say hello!