Meet The Team- Angie Greene

Hey Everyone, This week we are featuring one of our sweetest morning baristas. Angie is a fantastic barista, along with having some of the best pipes we’ve ever heard. She works part-time as our barista, works full-time as a mom, and performs each Sunday on the worship team at Daphne United Methodist Church and leads worship at V60 Community Church, here at Soul Caffeine! You guys definitely need to check out one of her worship services to hear her amazing voice and feel her passion for Jesus. She is an outstanding example of kindness and compassion, along with some serious determination. Angie joined our team just a little over a year ago and has since become an essential part. When she began she didn’t like coffee of any kind, so if you’re not a huge coffee fan, she can definitely direct you to some of our coffee-free favorites!

We asked Angie to share a few of her favorites:

Favorite Menu Drink – Oreo Frappe (The Oreo Frappe made with our signature cold brew, whole milk (or substitute), white chocolate, and Oreo Cookies. It’s perfected when topped with whipped cream.)

Favorite Personal Creation – Peanut Butter Cup with Nutella frappe. ( Angie’s Creation is a combination of two of our signature drinks the Peanut Butter Cup Frappe and the Nutella Frappe. It’s created with our signature cold brew, whole milk (or substitute), mocha base (cocoa powder and sugar), peanut butter, and nutella.)

What I enjoy about working at SC – “I love working here because it just feels like home. I also love getting to know the customers and I love serving people.”

Thanks Angie, and thank you all for reading! We love Angie, and we know you will to! Stop in and try one of her creations! #TheAngie